Katrina Lewis, MD Medical Director of Advanced PTSD Solutions + Advanced Anti-Ageing Solutions 

Dr Lewis has incorporated the latest regenerative therapies of PRP (platelet enriched plasma) and growth factor injections into her practice at Advanced Anti-Ageing Solutions. Her treatment protocols promote optimal health and performance enhancements to improve quality of life and reverse signs and symptoms of aging and musculoskeletal pain. She also has  therapies addressing sexual rejuvenation, for both men and women, as well as hair restoration for hair loss. Her wide ranging medical interests include nutrition, environmental medicine, addiction, genetic expression, PTSD, biological regenerative treatments for chronic pain, longevity medicine, and holistic and functional approaches to health and wellness maintenance in general. 

Her belief as a physician is that everything in our body is connected, with inflammation, toxins, gut dysbiosis, hormonal imbalance and mitochondrial dysfunction as the primary drivers of chronic illness and so-called aging symptoms. So just suppressing a symptom with a pharmaceutical drug will not cure the problem, and often will make the problem worse. 

She follows the Hippocratic Oath of "first do no harm", and is passionate about the future of integrative medicine and especially natural regenerative options, to finally be one of the main answers to good health and longevity. She practices with knowledge, skill, integrity and above all else, true compassion for her patients. 

Dr. Katrina Lewis is TRIPLE Board -certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine through the ABA, and Board certified in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M (American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine). She is additionally fellowship trained in interventional Pain Medicine at Tufts University, Massachusetts, and is skilled in both ultrasound-guided as well as fluoroscopically guided pain injections of all kinds. 

She has been a physician for over 30 years, having gone to medical school at the age of 16. Her other credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree in Immunology and Physiological Chemistry and also a degree in Clinical Nutrition. She is an Associate Professor for the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is published in the Clinical Journal of Pain and Practical Pain Management, amongst others, and has lectured nationally at both pain conferences and hospital grand rounds.   


What our customers are saying

Over the past several years Dr. Lewis has helped me greatly with several health issues, some minor, some potentially serious, and some exceedingly painful. What impresses me most is her incredible overall knowledge of what I would call functional medicine. Meaning, she has never looked at me for two minutes, then reached straight for her prescription pad and sent me on my way, as so many doctors in this country tend to do. She takes the time needed to understand my issues, listens and is incredibly thorough in her exam process. She is a strong believer in treating the cause of an issue from the root if at all possible as opposed to just the symptoms, which can include any number  of lifestyle and diet changes- and of course does also include medications and state of the art treatments when needed. The other comment I will make is that Dr. Lewis is obviously a very caring person, it's not forced in any way. This was clear to me from my first appointment with her. She clearly empathizes with my issues and wants to help. When I see Dr. Lewis I honestly feel comforted. I know I'm not just one of many going in and out of a revolving door that day, and I am VERY confident in her treatment every time I see her for something. In short - I highly recommend Dr. Lewis. MC, Utah

After 2 different skiing accidents and a partial meniscus resection of the left knee and a labrum resection of the left hip I continued to experience pain in both joints. This was limiting my day-to-day activities and I started researching other treatment options available to me. I went to see Dr. Katrina Lewis in Spokane as she came highly recommended and had the qualifications and extensive experience in performing PRP I thought could benefit me. After a thorough exam, review of my radiology and an examination we decided to proceed with the PRP, combined with ozone, for both joints. I tolerated the procedures extremely well. After about 2 weeks I gained a huge improvement in my symptoms i.e. the knee improved about 80% and the hip about 60%. I could walk up and down stairs easily, do yard work, had much less pain and was getting much better sleep. I was so pleased with the improvement that I decided to go back a 2nd time 4 months later for a 2nd round of treatment in the hopes that I’ll get even more of an improvement. I would highly recommend Dr. Lewis.

John V, Idaho Falls ID.